Whose House? Coog's House!

  C.T. Bauer College of Business - University of Houston

Hispanic Business Student Association


HBSA invites you to become a part of our familia!

To become a HBSA member you must submit your membership application and pay your membership dues. Please submit your application and dues by the application deadline. If you are unable to submit your application and dues by the deadline, your admission may be denied until a complete application and dues have been received.

You may pay your membership dues online using the "Donations & Payments" link or you can pay by Cash, Debit, Check or Money Order to any officer. Please click the link below to fill out your membership application. 

Bigs & Littles 

The Bigs & Littles Program is designed to set up a new member (Little) with a returning member (Big) based on their major and other similar interest that they might share. Here at HBSA we want everybody to feel like they’re part of a big Familia and what better way for you to be able to get that feeling by signing up! Not only will you learn more about HBSA, but you will also have the opportunity to learn the different career paths within your major from your Big (if you’re a Little) and how to get there, all while having fun and engaging with more members by participating in several events that are held for the B&L’s and organization in general. To become a Big or Little, please contact the Membership Director for an application. 

Alumni Mentorship Program

Within HBSA, our members have the opportunity to join our Alumni Mentorship Program. This program pairs up a member with an alumnus of HBSA allowing our members to have someone else to help them grow both professionally and personally. Obtaining an alumnus as a mentor allows the member to gain insight on the corporate environment, as most alumnus work in prestigious corporations, are leaders and managers in their respective organization, or have ventured off to establish their own company. Within this program our members will be able to have someone who was once in their shoes giving them advice and counseling them within their school career in order for them to be the best they can be. This program is such an amazing opportunity and it is something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.